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Our goal at Maindeck is clear: to support the TCG community and foster a positive and welcoming space for fans to enjoy their favorite hobby.

In the earliest days of Maindeck (and MetaManiacs), this wall was used to honor those who gave to the cause. Today, we’ve elected to continue to honor donors in the many YouTube videos we publish and have since ended our upkeep of the Wall of Heroes. However, to fulfill our promise to our patrons, the wall now reflects all of our historical Patreon supporters as of January 26, 2023, and will remain this way going forward.

IOur Patreon has been updated with many new perks and exclusive content which we hope still feels like a worthwhile investment. And all Patrons will still be immortalized in the videos we post while their patronage is active. We hope you still consider becoming a patron for the perks we now provide!

We are so absolutely grateful and humbled by any support you are willing to give. Thank you so much!

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