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Our goal at MetaManiacs is to continue to bring you the highest quality content we can, and provide you with frequent and fun content and resources for your favorite TCGs. No matter how much financial support we receive, we are all passionate about TCGs are don’t plan to stop doing that any time soon.

That said, every year we incur costs of many kinds – website hosting, domain registration, equipment, travel expenses, etc – not to mention the time spent creating the best content we can in a timely and frequent manner. We will continue to pay for these out of pocket as long as we need to, but obviously with the support of a community of like-minded Maniacs, we can instead have that covered and even begin to look at increasing the quality and/or frequency of our content even further.

So we have at long last opened up a Patreon where supporters who wish to can help us become self-sustaining and achieve those goals. You have absolutely no obligation, but if you’d like to support us and join the Heroes of the MetaManiacs on the wall of fame above, you can do so by checking out this link.

We are so absolutely grateful and humbled by any support you are willing to give. Thank you so much!

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