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Our goal at MetaManiacs is to continue to bring you the highest quality content we can, and provide you with useful resources to make your experience playing and collecting the MetaX TCG as fun as it can be. As you can guess, though, a goal like this can be a little costly!

Up until now, we have funded everything out of pocket. Costs incurred include supplies and tools, web hosting, domain registration, and custom artwork, and that’s to say nothing of the time spent! We enjoy doing this and are happy to continue doing this as such, but we also wanted to make it clear and simple for anyone who did want to support our work.

If you do decide you wish to support us, all money donated will help cover previous costs incurred, as well as allow us to make further upgrades to the quality and quantity of content on the site, such as new tools and software.

To that end, we would not ask for your support without offering you something in return, so below we have listed several Reward Tiers that you can receive for your donation.

These reward tiers are applicable for USA residents – we are happy to provide rewards for those out of the country as well, but we simply need a slightly higher donation to help cover the increased shipping costs.

For those in the USA, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of your reward. Those outside of the USA should allow at least 4 weeks. If you have not received your reward in that amount of time, please contact us!

Crazy Tier

If you donate at least $5 USD, we will mail you a letter including two random Tournament Kit participation promo cards, and two MetaManiacs die cut stickers. Stick em on your deck box and show the people you’re a fan!

Unless requested otherwise, your name will also be featured on the Wall of Heroes on this page at the appropriate donation level.

Donors outside of the USA may receive this tier by contributing at least $10 to help cover the ludicrous shipping rate.

(These stickers will be used as promotional material in the future and are not entirely exclusive to donating.)
Maniac Tier

At our premium donation tier, we are offering an exclusive, supporter-only playmat, printed on a thick, high quality mat with a black embroidered border. This playmat features a custom, digitally painted piece of artwork depicting the game’s major crossover – Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Batman team up to take on the Colossal Titan!

This playmat will only be available to donors, and an extremely limited amount given to those who have supported MetaManiacs in other ways.

In addition, you will recieve everything at the Crazy Tier, along with, unless requested otherwise, your name being placed on the Wall of Heroes at the appropriate tier level.

Donors outside of the USA may receive this tier by donating at least $50 to help cover the ludicrous shipping rate.

If you want to donate, you can donate safely to MetaManiacs using the PayPal link here. We greatly appreciate your donation!

Please be sure to include your correct address at which you would like your rewards sent, and let us know if you wish your donation to remain anonymous.

Crazy Tier
Donated $5 or more

Mark de la Fuente

Maniac Tier
Donated $40 or more

Ryan Metzler

Adam Tietz

Tanner Valnes

Tim Batow

Jeff Ricker

…and 1 anonymous donor

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