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Jordan SyversonNovember 18, 2020

This week, we are back on track with Jordan taking on returning opponent Anthony! Jordan’s playing the Yu Yu Hakusho villain Byakko under the Fire symbol, and Anthony’s rocking Kilik under Life. Two five-handers with potent abilities face off!

If you want to challenge Jordan to a future game, make sure to join our discord and just hit him up in our UniVersus channel!

In the UniVersus CCG – previously known as the Universal Fighting System or UFS CCG – crossover death battles come to life. Check out our other UniVersus CCG Gameplay videos to see more of what the game has to offer, and stick around for the upcoming release of the mega-popular My Hero Academia CCG in 2021!

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101 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·Byakko·

Attacks (32)

4x Missile Launcher
4x Let’s Party!
4x Shokan Grab
4x Dark Reconquista: Purgatory
4x Hellfire Impalement
4x Flame Aura
4x Double Barrage Ultra!
4x Massive Blow

Actions (9)

1x STOP!
4x Big Shot: Punch
4x Big Shot: Judy

Assets (0)
Foundations (59)

1x Pure and Holy Warrior
2x Saved by Elena
2x Uniting the Cosmos
2x Space Land
2x Undying Rage
4x Wishing Ward
4x Soul of the Sword
4x Explosive Acrobatics
4x Marshall Banana
2x Wounded Dog
4x Presidente on the House
2x Overly Dramatic
4x Transformed Prince
4x Thunderous Roar
4x The Second Saintly Beast
4x Massive Size
2x Hellfire of Despair
4x Energy Absorption
4x Aggressive Temper

61 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·Kilik·

Attacks (22)

4x Raptor Rush
2x Air Ground Smash
4x Rushing Waterfall
4x Angel Discus
2x Providential Thunder
4x Forbidden Moonset
2x Dirty Bo

Actions (4)

4x Revoke

Assets (6)

2x Soul Calibur
1x Omega Sword and Elk Shield
1x Omega Sword & Owl Shield
1x Kali-Yuga
1x Judgment Day

Foundations (28)

4x Redemption
2x Demonhide
2x Nightmare Tares
1x Last of His Kind
2x Personal Rivalry
2x Conduit of United Essence
3x Last of the Sheng Su
4x Malfestation
3x Destiny Awakened
2x Finally Awake
3x Ominous Prophecy

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