Dragon Ball Super CGVideosDBSCG Deck Profile: Blue/Green Android 21 with Deckbuilder J.C. Grimes (PPG Top 16)

Kevin CarignanOctober 15, 2020

Hey Maniacs! This week we have a very special Dragon Ball Super Card Game video for you all – in a break from our usual format, Kevin got in touch with J.C., a skilled Dragon Baller who made his way into the Top 16 of the Sept 27th Pro Play Games Premier Online Event against a field of hundreds of players with none other than Android 21 in a classic Blue/Green deck list.

Kevin and J.C. discuss the deck list and go in-depth on the card choices and what makes this deck work even when more powerful or degenerate plays exist within the DBS TCG.

Set 11 was not legal to play in this webcam-only event, so this is the Set 10 build of the deck – but there’s still plenty of important information to take from hearing an expert player discuss the ins and outs of his deck. Grab some popcorn and listen in!

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