DBSCG Deck Profile: Green/Yellow Competitive Budget Captain Ginyu

Mike PiperOctober 9, 2020
NEW DBS Deck Profile ginyu

Mike is back with another Budget Competitive DBS deck to keep you in the game on the cheap! Following up the Red/Yellow Beerus deck from last week, Mike is showing off a Green/Yellow deck built around the Captain Ginyu leader from Set 10!

With each new set, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game gets more great options to power up older decks. While many are checking out the new hotness, at MetaManiacs, we like to count on Mike to show us how to build cheaper, but still powerful decks using older leaders and strategies! Keep swinging back every week to get more great ideas for rogue or budget DBS TCG decks – and more great strategy and content for the DBS Card Game!

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