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Dan GreenOctober 5, 2020

Welcome to episode 10 of The MetaManiacs Show – the podcast for and by Trading Card Game maniacs!

In this week’s episode, Dan, Dillan, Jordan, and Mike talk about MTG Arena! We all spent a month playing Arena in our free time, and at last we get to talk about it. All four hosts have very different levels of experience – Dillan had never played MTG before, Mike had played some casually, Jordan played a decent amount including some tournaments, and Dan was a competitive player and judge for many years before falling out.

How do these four players react to the digital version of the grandfather of all TCGs? Listen in as we deep dive, discussing a huge range of subjects from the game’s tutorial and teachability, to monetization and how the game lets you acquire and collect cards, to discussion of the basic mechanics in MTG and how they compare to more recent TCGs.

Have you tried MTG Arena? Maybe you were considering trying it but one of the hosts swayed you one way or the other – let us know your thoughts on MTG and MTG Arena down below!

Episode 10 - MTG Arena
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