DBSCG Deck Collab: Mono-Blue Set 2 Fused Zamasu ft. David McNeely

Mike PiperSeptember 24, 2020
NEW DBS Deck Profile thumbnail zamasu collab

Mike, clearly a Fused Zamasu fanatic, was contacted by a viewer by the name of David McNeely – David provided some amazing input which brings this version of the deck to what we believe is its ULTIMATE form.

Mike and David talk through this version of the deck, which is sure to take opponents by surprise in the Series 11 metagame. DBS TCG fans who enjoy mixing older leaders with the newer and – frankly – more powerful cards will enjoy a deck like this, and can take away a lot from Mike and David’s discussion! The Dragon Ball Super Card Game continues to prove to be full of possibilities for all styles of players!

Want to see other card options? Check out the previous version from just last week right over here!

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