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Jordan SyversonSeptember 16, 2020

Following last week’s gameplay and announcement, Jordan’s bringing a Deck Profile this week – Soul Calibur’s Yoshimitsu under the All symbol! This deep dive explains all of the card choices that make the Yoshimitsu deck tick and provides a great template and starting place to build your own Yoshimitsu deck from!

What do you guys think? Are there any important cards that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

See last week’s gameplay – Yoshimitsu vs Akuma – here!

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62 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·Yoshimitsu·

Attacks (19)

4x Nut Kracker
4x Ghost Thief Funeral
3x Guilty Throne
2x Rando’s Spirit Gun
2x Bloody Baptism
2x New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor
1x Reduction
1x Dark Reconquista: Purgatory

Actions (3)

2x Transform
1x Shikisoku Zeku!

Assets (4)

1x United Kingdom of SMASH
1x Pudao Bone Splitter
2x Manji Sword & Fu-Ma Blade

Foundations (35)

2x Profane Sanctuary
2x English Aristocrat
1x Initiate Launch
2x Power Cycle
1x Marrying Age
1x Living Pendulum
2x Faye-Faye!
2x Telekinetic Mastery
2x Serving the Outworld
2x Sense of Morals
1x Wandering Pirate
2x Orphaned Alchemist
1x True Identity
2x Stolen Sword
2x Warrior of a Lost Clan
4x The Original Mechanical Ninja
3x Manji Ninjutsu
3x Coiling Contempt

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