Dragon Ball Super CGVideosDBSCG Deck Profile: Mono-Blue Set 7 Goku Black & Zamasu (Set 10)

Mike PiperSeptember 3, 2020

Fans of Zamasu have so many decks to choose from in the Dragon Ball Super TCG! Mike’s returned this week with YET ANOTHER Fused Zamasu deck profile – this time focusing on the Series 7 Goku Black & Zamasu leader, who wants to build up the opponent’s energy so that he can use his Activate: Main to take them out of the game!

The new support introduced in Series 10: Rise of the Unison Warrior certainly helps this Set 7 leader pull off his unique and game-ending ability!

This is an Obuni-free list – just in case Obuni ends up getting banned – but if not, he certainly deserves a place in here with how powerful his board presence is!

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