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Dan GreenAugust 31, 2020

Welcome to a new format for The MetaManiacs Show – more Show for everyone!

In this week’s episode, Dan, Dillan, and Jordan discuss Legacy Formats in Trading Card Games – formats that allow older cards to be played with newer ones! They are sometimes intimidating to get into, but can provide very unique gameplay experience – they can be done in games with rotation to allow older cards to see play, like Magic: the Gathering’s Vintage and Legacy or the new Retro format for UFS/UniVersus, or they can be fan-made to allow a game’s legacy to continue on, such as the Score + Panini DBZ format known as Fusion. And let’s not forget casual favorite formats like MTG’s Commander, which has been one of the most popular formats in the game for years now! Do you play any Legacy Formats, or have you had trouble getting into them?

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Episode 6 - Legacy Formats
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