UniVersus CCGVideosRaiden vs Cassandra – UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonAugust 26, 2020

Jordan takes on local player Taylor in the longest episode to date – coincidentally, on our 20th episode of weekly UniVersus gameplay!

The gameplay will get electric as Jordan takes Raiden against Taylor’s Cassandra, where Shield Big Bang has been replaced with some chip damage and the massive From Science with Love. Grab your popcorn and settle in to watch the sparks fly!

In the UniVersus CCG – previously known as the Universal Fighting System or UFS CCG – crossover death battles come to life. Check out our other UniVersus CCG Gameplay videos to see more of what the game has to offer, and stick around for the upcoming release of the mega-popular My Hero Academia CCG in 2021!

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60 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·Raiden·

Attacks (19)

2x Vicinity Blast
2x Cowboy Battery
4x Capsule Zap
4x Pea Shooter
2x Electric Fly
4x Forbidden Moonset
1x Precise Blow

Actions (2)

2x BANG!

Assets (6)

2x Skull Fortress II
1x Fiddlestix
1x Kali-Yuga
2x Syi Salika and Loka Luha

Foundations (32)

1x The Power of Dark Energy
1x Venomous
2x Out of Mercy
2x Ridding the World of Outsiders
2x Werelight
2x Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship
4x Premeditated Attack
4x Dr. Wily’s Challenge
2x Syndicate Target
1x Space Land
1x Retreated to Arctika
2x Sealer of Evil
2x All a Dream
2x Ageless and Wise
1x His Gift of Immortal Blood
3x Malfestation

67 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·Cassandra·

Attacks (12)

4x From Science, With Love
4x Angel Discus
4x Pilgrimage of Anthropos

Actions (0)
Assets (17)

3x Omega Sword & Owl Shield
2x Omega Sword and Elk Shield
2x Swordfish II
2x Maze Castle
2x Kulutues
1x Requiem
1x Soul Calibur
1x The White House
1x Kafziel
1x Palindrome
1x Cormorant

Foundations (37)

4x Hell’s Reach
4x Eviscerate
4x Betrayer of Twelve
3x Protecting the Protector
3x The Forbidden Technique
3x Pride of the Tribe
3x The Second Saintly Beast
3x The Key to Humanity’s Freedom
2x The Dark Side of Karma
2x Guardian of the Spirit Sword
2x Bakery Poster Girl
2x The Demonic Guard
2x Servant of Ares

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