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Dan GreenAugust 10, 2020

Welcome to episode 3 of The MetaManiacs show – a podcast where we dive into all things TCGs!

This week’s episode the Maniacs talk about death. Or, more specifically, the Death of a TCG, and all the emotions and responses that surround it. What causes it and how do we, as Trading Card Game players, cope with it?

Links to the short-form episode are down below. If you want more content, our Patrons get an Expanded episode where we loosen our collars, dive in deep, and digress as the conversation flows. For as low as $2 a month, you can get all of these Expanded Episodes and much more! Check it out on our Patreon!

Episode 3 - The Death of a TCG
Audio only:
Expanded Episode 3E - The Death of a TCG

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In Expanded Episode 3E, the Maniacs talk more about a game that links us all – the Score Dragon Ball Z TCG, and some of the missteps that may have been made that contributed to its demise. In addition, we briefly discuss the VS System CCG, digital implementations of TCGs, and even the beginning of a hastily-ended argument about fighting game netcode (whew!).

Not sure if you want to become a Patron yet? Listen to the sample clip down below to get an sneak peek at a few minutes of this episode’s content!

Here's a sample clip from the episode!

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