Dragon Ball Super CGVideosDBSCG Deck Profile: Red/Blue Set 2 Vegito (with Anniversary Box 2020!)

Mike PiperAugust 6, 20202

The second series – Union Force – of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is home to many super unique and fan-favorite leaders, and it’s great to see that Bandai continues to release interesting and potent support to try to keep them relevant – like they have with Set 2’s Red Vegito!

Mike’s bringing you all another DBS TCG Deck Profile today, showcasing Series 2 Vegito’s new build, powered up with cards from both the 2019 Anniversary Box and the 2020 Anniversary Box! While it can certainly play three color thanks to the leader’s skill, Mike focuses on Red and Blue cards, and utilizes Ultimate Force SSB Vegito as the finisher, made much easier to land thanks to the new support!

Let us know your thoughts down below – can this Vegito build crack into the Meta? And if YOU have a deck you want to see profiled, let us know in the comments and we’ll reach out to you to get the info!


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