UniVersus CCGVideosAkuma vs Van Helsing – UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonJuly 29, 2020

The heat of summer is only matched by the heat of battle in this week’s UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay video! Jordan, using a slightly tweaked Akuma two-dot build from legendary player Shane Duckworth, takes his demon might against the vampire-hunting Van Helsing piloted by recent league contenter Anthony!

Thanks to the recent DLC packs, Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales comic universe gets to contend with the world warriors of Street Fighter – and many more – in the crossover clashing chaos of the UniVersus card game!

See Shane’s Akuma two-dot Deck Profile here!

Get a First Look at the Mortal Kombat Trilogy DLC here!

In the UniVersus CCG – previously known as the Universal Fighting System CCG – crossover death battles come to life. Check out our other UniVersus CCG Gameplay videos to see more of what the game has to offer!

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60 Cards
Character (1)

1x ··Akuma··

Attacks (18)

2x Gyro Attack
4x Sekia Kuretsuha
4x Kongou Kokuretsuzan
4x Dohatsu Shoten
4x Dhylec Devil Slayer

Actions (6)

1x Revoke
1x STOP!
2x Fade
2x The Toguro Brothers

Assets (0)
Foundations (35)

4x Admission Fees
3x Face of a Monster
1x Undying Rage
1x True Identity
1x Last of His Kind
1x Confronting Jedah
2x War for Armageddon
4x Outworld’s Heiress
4x New Empress of Netherrealm
4x The Azure Nightmare
4x Hell’s Reach
2x World Without Battle
4x Enlightened By Defeat

Anthony'sVan Helsing
77 Cards
Character (1)

1x ·Van Helsing·

Attacks (28)

2x Sand Trap
2x Lightning Fang
4x Stake Out
4x Radiant Wing
4x Quick Needle
4x Raptor Rush
4x Nouveau Soleil
4x Affondo Fendante

Actions (4)

2x Atone for the Sin of Weakness!
2x Suffer my Bloodlust

Assets (6)

2x Omega Sword and Elk Shield
2x Kali-Yuga
2x Flambert

Foundations (38)

2x Refusing to Let Go
4x Unlikely Romance
2x Delta Blue Team Leader
4x Faye-Faye!
2x God of Thunder
2x 500 Dollar Sunglasses
2x Sharpshooter
4x Malfestation
4x Ridding the World of Outsiders
2x Edge of Death
2x Passing the Torch
4x Marrying Age
2x Servitude for Survival
2x Betrayed by Family

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