PodcastsVideosThe MetaManiacs Show Episode 1 – Why do we love TCGs/CCGs?

Welcome to the first episode of The MetaManiacs show – a “podcast” of sorts where we dive into all things TCGs!

The MetaManiacs show will often be divided into two Episodes – a primary Episode where the goal is to bring you succinct and concise thoughts and info, and an Expanded Episode where we let ourselves loose and have more open-ended discussions, banter, and ramble!

Often, our Expanded Episodes will be Patron-only content. But for this first episode, it only made sense to let you guys see what they are like with no upfront cost!

We will always try to give you ALL of the important points on a subject in the main episode, but if you have fun listening to us ramble on and diverge from the main subjects, you can get all of our Expanded Episodes, and lots of other great perks, for just $2 a month! We GREATLY appreciate your support if you do!

This week’s episode is about a seemingly simple topic – Why do we love TCGs/CCGs? In other words – why are we MetaManiacs? These days, as tabletop gaming has expanded and many digital games have adopted loot box systems that share similarities with our beloved Booster Pack model, it’s easy to look down on the TCG model, but the Maniacs are here to offer you reasons why we appreciate TCGs and the models they use – most of the time!

We will be publishing The MetaManiacs Show in both video and audio-only format – both audio files and both videos are down below!

Episode 1 - Why do we love TCGS/CCGs?
Audio only:
Expanded Episode 1E - Why do we love TCGS/CCGs?
Audio only:

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