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Jordan SyversonJuly 8, 2020

With our first online league in the books, Jordan is back to standard UniVersus games until the next one!

This week, he takes one of his favorite Seventh Cross characters, Zsolt, against Lucas’s Ibuki, straight out of the just-released UniVersus Street Fighter DLC! Which of these Multiple-masters will come out on top?

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66 Cards
Character (5)

1x ·Zsolt· (Starting)
4x ··Zsolt··

Attacks (20)

4x Rapid Strikes
4x Shoki Gehosen
3x Whip Crack
4x Blaze of Fervor
3x Fanatical Purification
2x Cross Up

Actions (8)

2x Gateway Shuffle
2x Unlimited Blades
2x Revoke
2x Ancestral Quiver

Assets (4)

1x Manas & Ayus
2x Kove
1x Kali-Yuga

Foundations (29)

2x Werelight
1x Fatal Eye
3x Gunblaze
4x Wild Hunt
2x English Aristocrat
2x A Moment of Rest
2x Insect Puppeteer
2x Face of a Monster
2x Outworld’s Heiress
4x The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
4x Shell of a Proud Man
1x Built for the Tournament

76 Cards
Character (1)

1x ···Ibuki···

Attacks (26)

3x Kunai Ikkinage
3x Ice Dragon Seiryu
4x Hand Cannon
4x Single Barrel
4x Liu Kang’s Fireball
4x Windmill Punch
4x Acid Spit

Actions (9)

3x Yin & Yang
3x Gateway Shuffle
3x BANG!

Assets (0)
Foundations (40)

4x Malfestation
4x Greatest Kombatant
4x Energy Charge
4x Pure of Heart
4x Toughest Punk in Junior High
4x Ridding the World of Outsiders
3x Werelight
3x Ageless and Wise
3x Up in Smoke
3x Solemn Exorcism
2x Space Land
2x Red Dragon Assassin

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