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Jordan SyversonJuly 1, 2020

In the end, there can only be one! This week’s UniVersus matchup is the final week of our inaugural Online League, where decks were built with the Highlander rule in effect – There can only be one copy of each card in your deck! Jordan’s Highlander Cervantes two-dot is up against a challenging foe – Scorpion piloted by the highly skilled Brandon Wagers!

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Highlander - 70 Cards
Character (2)

1x ··Cervantes·· (Starting)
1x ·Cervantes·

Attacks (20)

1x Bloody Baptism
1x Geo Da Ray
1x Flame Aura
1x Moon Ritual Dance
1x Biles Lunges
1x Homing Missiles
1x Dazzling Maelstrom
1x Bloody High Claw
1x From Hell
1x Soul Ball
1x Hyper Bomb
1x Hurricane of Death
1x Adad’s Great Shears
1x Ghost Thief Funeral
1x Guilt Seeker
1x Spirit Shotgun
1x Explosive Charge
1x Scratch Glissando
1x Casa de Leviathan
1x Cannonball Lifter

Actions (3)

1x BANG!
1x Demon Realm Awakening
1x The Toguro Brothers

Assets (5)

1x Swordfish II
1x Eiserne Drossel
1x Acheron and Nirvana
1x Manji Sword & Fu-Ma Blade
1x Manas & Ayus

Foundations (40)

1x The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
1x Cage Fighter
1x New Shipmate
1x Telekinetic Mastery
1x Healed by a Shaman
1x Showtime
1x My Beautiful Child
1x His Gift of Immortal Blood
1x Shell of a Proud Man
1x Guardian of the Spirit Sword
1x The Dark Side of Karma
1x The Original Mechanical Ninja
1x Ridding the World of Outsiders
1x Nightmare Tares
1x Edge of Death
1x Kirin Soul
1x Voice of Reason
1x Recovering Lost Treasures
1x Conquest of Terror
1x Syndicate Target
1x Undying Rage
1x Last of the Shirai Ryu
1x Serving the Outworld
1x Master of Weaponry
1x My Beautiful Face is Ruined!
1x Masked Assassin
1x Sinister Malevolence
1x Demanding Submission
1x Red Dragon Assassin
1x Thirst for Retribution
1x Blood for Blood
1x Dark Emperor
1x Banished and Broken
1x Warrior of a Lost Clan
1x Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship
1x Healing Powers
1x Guardian’s Final Duty
1x Murderous Addiction
1x A New Master
1x Match Made in Hell

Highlander- 60 Cards
Character (1)

1 Scorpion

Attacks (17)

1x Goshoryuken
1x Syndicate Slice
1x Coffee Samba
1x Takedown
1x Minion Grab
1x Get Over Here!
1x From Hell
1x Flame Port
1x Flame Aura
1x Fusion Soul Fist
1x Doom Blade
1x Dohatsu Shoten
1x Shadow Slicer
1x Death Lord’s Impalement
1x Dark Reconquista: Purgatory
1x Vicious Madness
1x Flight of the Wicked

Actions (3)

1x Fade
1x Revoke
1x The Toguro Brothers

Assets (3)

1x Blood, Sweat, and Beers
1x Eiserne Drossel
1x Inferno’s Soul Edge

Foundations (36)

1x Cage Fighter
1x Avoiding Assassination
1x Arranging a Deal
1x Explosive Acrobatics
1x Strict Mentor
1x No Surprises
1x Fallen Angels
1x Caught by the Past
1x Harrison’s Lucky Day
1x Debt to be Paid
1x Uniting Rebels
1x Face of a Monster
1x Last of His Kind
1x Invoking Blood Magic
1x Calling Upon the Sun
1x Emperor of Outworld
1x New Empress of Netherrealm
1x Most Trusted Assassin
1x World Without Battle
1x Confronting JEdah
1x Ninja Outcast
1x Fu-Ma’s Shadow
1x Forged from Soul Edge
1x The Azure Nightmare
1x English Aristocrat
1x Orphaned Alchemist
1x Hell’s Reach
1x Evil Eye
1x Profane Sanctuary
1x Bearer of the Makai Whistle
1x True Identity
1x Soul of the Sword
1x Born from Destruction
1x A Worthy Vessel
1x The Demonic Guard
1x Memories of Fallen Warriors

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