UniVersus CCGVideosKurama & Skye Mathers vs Liu Kang, Lilith, & Xianghua – Tag Team! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonJune 24, 2020

Things are getting wild in Week 3 of the MetaManiacs Universus Online League! This week’s challenge, “Split Personality”, asks players to include at least 2 characters in their decks, and in order to win a match, you must win each game with a different Character!

Jordan has chosen the tag team of Kurama & Skye Mathers, and faces down Matt Day’s TRIO of Liu Kang, Lilith, and Xianghua! Can the duo’s reversal-packed attack kit hold out against the trio’s hail of pokes and punches?

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Jordan'sKurama & Skye Mathers
Split Personality - 60 Cards
Character (2)

1x Kurama
1x Skye Mathers

Attacks (20)

4x Rose Whip Lash
4x Precise Blow
2x Launching Whip Strike
2x Twirling Whip Lash
4x Bamboo Blind Slice

Actions (0)
Assets (4)

1x Kali-Yuga
1x Omega Sword & Owl Shield
1x Swordfish II
1x Eiserne Drossel

Foundations (34)

3x A Son’s Love
2x His Gift of Immortal Blood
1x Last of His Kind
2x Partners in Crime
2x The Yoko Spirit
1x Confronting Jedah
2x Ominous Prophecy
2x Protecting the Protector
2x Reborn Human
2x Quest for the Hero Sword
4x Friends and Rivals
2x Malfestation
2x Forged to Defeat Evil
2x Orphaned Alchemist
1x Edge of Death
1x Nightmare Tares
3x Energy Charge

Matt'sLiu Kang, Lilith, & Xianghua
Split Personality- 69 Cards
Character (3)

1 ··Liu Kang··
1 ··Lilith··
1 ·Xianghua·

Attacks (19)

3x Flip Cat
4x Lower Great Wall
4x Swallow Your Soul
4x Liu Kang’s Fireball
4x Windmill Punch

Actions (6)

2x Tricked Ya!
4x Yin & Yang

Assets (4)

2x Krita Yuga
2x Syi Salika and Loka Luha

Foundations (37)

3x Energy Charge
4x Greatest Kombatant
4x Cloaked Predator
4x Ageless and Wise
2x Fatal Disagreement
2x Champion of Kombat
2x Quest for the Hero Sword
4x Maternal Swordsmanship
4x Malfestation
4x Pure of Heart
4x Ridding the World of Outsiders

Sideboard (6)

2x Tricked Ya!
4x Betrayer Betrayal

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