UniVersus CCGVideosNoob Saibot vs Remiliss – Fast Attacks Only! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonJune 17, 2020

It’s Week 2 of our first UniVersus Online League, and Jordan is taking on League participant Steve Bour using decks built to the Week 2 Theme: Gotta Go Fast!! Both players are only allowed to play attack cards with printed speed 5 or higher – how will they fare in a format where everything is faster than a bullet? With new Mortal Kombat DLC character Noob Saibot against Seventh Cross favorite Remiliss, both decks are jam packed with character stacks as well – the lightning round begins now!

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Jordan'sNoob Saibot
Gotta Go Fast!! - 60 Cards
Character (4)

4x Noob Saibot

Attacks (20)

3x Overhead Heel Crush
3x Royal Poison
2x Prism Storm of Torment
4x Storm of Torment
3x New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor
2x Chaos Scissors
3x Kongou Kokuretsuzan

Actions (3)

2x Revoke
1x STOP!

Assets (4)

1x Kali-Yuga
1x Cormorant
1x Albion
1x Manas & Ayus

Foundations (29)

3x Resurrected Evil
1x A Moment of Rest
2x Winter Rose
3x Faye-Faye!
1x Arcane Assassin
2x Pursuing a Vendetta
1x Refusing to Let Go
2x Radical Edward
1x Retreated to Arctika
2x Ageless and Wise
3x Malfestation
2x Passing the Torch
1x Last of His Kind
2x Edge of Death
3x The Prism of Seven

Gotta Go Fast!!- 60 Cards
Character (8)

4x ·Remiliss·  (Starting)
4x ·· Remiliss··

Attacks (20)

4x Spear Ryu
4x Hurricane of Death
4x Explosion Charge
4x Consumption
4x Moon Ritual Dance

Actions (0)
Assets (0)
Foundations (32)

2x Aggressive Temper
4x Prideful Personality
4x Kirin Soul
4x Purifying Roar
4x Wishing Ward
4x Initiate Launch
4x Power Cycle
2x Radiation
4x Bug Zapper

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