UniVersus CCGVideosGren vs Lilith – Commons Only! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonJune 10, 2020

Our first online league has officially launched (link below to join!), and Jordan’s brought one of his weekly opponent’s in for a special online gameplay video! This week, both players are playing to the league’s “Weekly Theme”, which is Common Ground – only Commons allowed (excluding Characters). So Jordan’s taking his Commons-only Gren deck against special guest Clint’s Commons-only Lilith to see who comes out on top!

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Commons Only - 61 Cards
Character (1)

1x Gren

Attacks (24)

4x Bloody Eye Rampage
4x Bloody Eye Rushdown
4x Fists of Fury
4x Charging Turn Punch
4x Life Force Thread
4x Bo Flame

Actions (0)
Assets (0)
Foundations (36)

16x Red Eye Capsule
4x Inhuman Speed
4x The Azure Nightmare
4x Betrayer of Twelve
4x Cat’s Cradle
4x Iron Will

Commons Only - 60 Cards
Character (1)

1x Lilith **

Attacks (20)

1x Acid Spit
3x Mei Guei Hua
4x Liu Kang’s Fireball
4x Single Barrel
4x Surprise Soul Flash
4x Lower Great Wall

Actions (0)
Assets (0)
Foundations (39)

2x Last of the Sheng Su
4x Jolly Gloomy
4x Journey West
2x Explosive Acrobatics
4x Ageless and Wise
3x Freeing the Relics
4x Fusion Refusal
4x Maternal Swordsmanship
4x Malfestation
4x Reborn Human
4x Searching for the Knight of Mare

Sideboard (8)

2x Harrison’s Lucky Day
4x Formidable Task
2x Pure of Heart

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