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Jordan SyversonJune 3, 2020

This week’s gameplay features a CLASSIC matchup for fans of the Soul Calibur franchise – Jordan’s cooked up a hot new Inferno deck and is facing the returning Dylan Hickel with his Xianghua deck – and yes, neither of them got the pronunciation of her name right…

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71 Cards
Character (2)

1x Inferno *
1x Inferno **

Attacks (23)

1x Spirit Shotgun
4x Gore Fest
4x Dark Chireitou
4x Technical Sphere
4x Straight Arrow
3x Grenade Toss
3x Moon Flare

Actions (3)

3x Fight Like You Mean It!

Assets (5)

2x Soul Calibur
2x Spiritual Shooting Ring
1x Inferno’s Soul Edge

Foundations (38)

4x Hellfire of Despair
4x The Dark Side of Karma
4x Marshall Banana
4x Hellward Bound
2x Never Stumbles
4x Soul of the Sword
4x The Azure Nightmare
4x The Second Saintly Beast
2x Arcane Assassin
2x Police Connections
1x Last of the Shirai Ryu
1x The Three Eyes of Hiei
2x Overly Dramatic

63 Cards
Character (1)

1x Xianghua

Attacks (20)

4x Windmill Punch
4x Liu Kang’s Fireball
4x Swallow Your Soul
4x Surprise Soul Flash
4x Skull Barrier

Actions (8)

4x BANG!
4x Yin & Yang

Assets (4)

4x Krita Yuga

Foundations (30)

2x God of Thunder
2x Quest for the Hero Sword
2x Dreaming of Becoming Whole
3x Freeing the Relics
4x Malfestation
2x Emergency Rations
3x Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship
4x Werelight
2x Paranormal Investigation
2x Tale of 9 Sorrows
4x Sealer of Evil

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