UniVersus CCGVideosTira vs Combat Ash! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonMay 29, 2020

This matchup is bound to get groovy! Jordan pilots Soul Calibur’s Tira against fellow MetaManiac Kevin Carignan’s Combat Ash deck – a new UniVersus promo character fresh from the recent release of the Evil Dead 2 Board Game!

*Note* Due to a technical error the video cuts out during the outro – our apologies!

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70 Cards
Character (1)

1x Tira *

Attacks (21)

2x Virus Unchained
3x Distraction Destruction
2x Bleak Concerto: Finale
2x Precise Blow
2x Bamboo Blind Slice
2x Sangue Sacrificale
4x Scratch Glissando
4x Peregrine Rhythm

Actions (7)

2x The Toguro Brothers
1x Yin & Yang
2x BANG!
2x Race Against Time

Assets (8)

1x Syi Salika and Loka Luha
1x Kali-Yuga
1x Swordfish II
1x Inferno’s Soul Edge
2x Eiserne Drossel
2x Soul Calibur

Foundations (33)

1x Undying Rage
2x Malfestation
2x Orphaned Alchemist
3x Uniting Rebels
2x Werelight
3x My Beautiful Child
3x His Gift of Immortal Blood
2x Paranormal Investigation
4x Unmet Demands
2x Save the Sea Rats
2x Peaceful Beginnings
3x Jolly Gloomy
2x Energy Charge
2x Murderous Addiction

Kevin'sCombat Ash
70 Cards
Character (1)

1x Combat Ash

Attacks (16)

4x From Science, With Love
2x Missile Launcher
2x Hammerhead Assault
4x Nut Kracker
4x Zanku Hadoken

Actions (4)

2x STOP!
2x Throw It Down!

Assets (22)

4x Maze Castle
2x Judgment Day
4x Omega Sword and Elk Shield
2x Omega Sword & Owl Shield
2x Cormorant
4x Manas & Ayus
4x Swordfish II

Foundations (27)

2x Bakery Poster Girl
3x Protecting the Protector
4x Guardian of the Spirit Sword
2x Dreaming of Becoming Whole
2x Overly Dramatic
3x Fallen Angels
4x Hell’s Reach
4x The Key to Humanity’s Freedom
3x Goro’s Victory Pose

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