UniVersus CCGVideosHiei vs Seong Mi-Na! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonMay 21, 2020

The Master of the Evil Eye takes on the Daughter of the Bladed Rod in this week’s UniVersus crossover clash! Jordan plays Yu Yu Hakusho’s Hiei and faces MetaManiacs owner/editor Dan’s Seong Mi-Na in what ends up being the longest set in the series – grab your popcorn and buckle in for three intense games!

*Note* Due to a technical error the video cuts out during the outro – our apologies!

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(86 Cards)
Character (1)

1x Hiei

Attacks (26)

4x Matricide
4x Geo Da Ray
4x Zanku Hadoken
4x Rapid Speed Slash
4x Rook Splitter
2x Fatality
2x Jagan Binding
2x Barrier of Frost

Actions (8)

2x The Toguro Brothers
2x Revoke
2x Unite!
2x Your Path Ends Here!
1x Spell Circle

Assets (4)

1x Requiem
1x Manas & Ayus
1x Acheron and Nirvana
1x Kulutues

Foundations (47)

1x Living Pendulum
1x For Mother Russia!
1x Retreated to Arctika
2x Quest for Vengeance
2x Outworld’s Heiress
2x Face of a Monster
2x Winter Rose
1x Healing Powers
4x Resurrected Evil
2x Uniting Rebels
2x Shell of a Proud Man
4x Overrun By Tourists
2x Serving the Outworld
2x The Three Eyes of Hiei
2x Inhuman Speed
1x Pride of the Tribe
2x Beast Hunter
2x Faye-Faye!
2x Telekinetic Mastery
1x Puppet of the Cursed Sword
2x Desperate for Redemption
2x A Soul in Purgatory
2x Jagan Form
3x Match Made in Hell

Dan'sSeong Mi-Na
64 Cards
Character (1)

1x Seong Mi-Na *

Attacks (19)

4x New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor
4x Stake Out
3x Kuzuryu Reppa
2x Forbidden Moonset
2x Guilt Seeker
2x Raptor Rush
2x Noveau Soleil

Actions (2)

2x Demon Realm Awakening

Assets (9)

2x Homemade Explosives
2x Scarlet Thunder
1x Soul Calibur
1x Eiserne Drossel
1x Black Bear Diner
1x Acheron and Nirvana
1x Swordfish II

Foundations (33)

4x Voice of Reason
3x Passing the Torch
3x Never a Day Without Training
3x Faye-Faye!
3x Cool and Focused
2x Nightmare Tares
2x Daughter of the Bladed Rod
2x Malfestation
2x Pursuing a Vendetta
2x Ageless and Wise
2x Marrying Age
1x God of Thunder
1x Mortal Resurrection
1x Refusing to Let Go
1x Retreated to Arctika
1x Living Pendulum

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