UniVersus CCGVideosRando vs Kotal Kahn! UniVersus CCG Online Gameplay

Jordan SyversonApril 23, 2020

A Demon of the Spirit World faces off against an Emperor of Outworld in the latest crossover clash in our UniVersus Online Gameplay series! Jordan pilots his Rando deck against friend and rival Mitchell Janowiec’s potent Kotal Kahn concoction. Watch through to see who comes out on top in a three game set!

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Decklists for each player are here:

😈 Jordan’s Rando: http://www.ufsultra.com/deck.php?deck=mKFvZlnjgUtZsTjTxbuXgRIgRCqIvA

☀️ Mitch’s Kotal Kahn: http://www.ufsultra.com/deck.php?deck=VSIfXnvxmQYWLLMhyRUdBvlFNJCFvO

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