UniVersus CCGVideos🏆 THREE Yu Yu Hakusho UFS Boxes Cracked + GIVEAWAY! ⚡️ Krackin’ with Kevin

Dan GreenOctober 24, 2019

Kevin sits down to bust open not one – not two – but THREE booster boxes of the newest UFS (Soon to be UniVersus) expansion based on the classic anime Yu Yu Hakusho!

Grab a snack and crack & chill with Kevin as he opens packs and reads through most of the Yu Yu Hakusho expansion!

🏆 Giveaway Information 🏆

US Residents Only.

We are giving away a booster box of UFS Yu Yu Hakusho! Learn more and enter at this link or through the widget below!

UFS Yu Yu Hakusho Giveaway

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