UniVersus CCGVideosCracking 2 UFS Soul Calibur 6 Boxes + NEW GIVEAWAY! | Krackin’ with Kevin

Kevin CarignanOctober 4, 2019

Hang out with Kevin, now a member of the MetaManiacs crew, as he cracks through TWO boxes of the UFS Soul Calibur 6 set!

🏆 Giveaway Information 🏆

VALID UNTIL 10/18/19
US Residents Only.

We are giving away a booster box of Soul Calibur 6 and two official Yoshimitsu playmats! Learn more and enter at this link or through the widget below!

UFS Soul Calibur 6 Giveaway

This video was previously produced to be published on a different site, and was never published there and instead provided to us for sole publication. We apologize for any confusion!

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