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Dillan StraabeSeptember 4, 2019

Firstly, let’s talk about the deck I piloted. “Gilga-Rush” was the name and, boy-oh-boy, Gilga-Rush was its game. With a flock of fifty forwards in the list (15 of which were Gilgamesh), it was pretty dedicated to a rush-or-bust playstyle. I was prepared to bring my Chocobos (as my invite was secured at a prior event), but I happened to hear about Curtis’s mono-forward list on the drive to the event and knew I had to play it.

Curtis DeGidioGilga-Rush
Round 1 - Christopher Dale Dolinski - Mono-Fire

What an amazing start to a great day of cards. I spent this whole game in the driver’s seat. Turn one on the play I open with Strongest Sword Gilgamesh and a hasty Assassin for a point of damage with Gilg’s Special online for any forwards he planned to throw down. He chooses to play two backups and pass for his turn, which I promptly follow up with
Lightning, putting him to four points before he’s even drawn twice. I took it 7-0. Total play time: six minutes.

Record: 1-0

Round 2 - Jason Pfieffer - Mono-Lightning

Two rounds in and I’m having the time of my life. I win the die roll and throw down Illua and Yugiri for two easy points of damage. Following up next turn by dropping Strongest Sword Gilgamesh and party attacking. Jason tried to stabilize with a Hraesvelgr but my pesky “S” ability proved to be too much for the ancient dragon. With another 7-0 win in the hole and a grand total of 11 minutes of game time, I’m feeling pretty good.

Record: 2-0

Round 3 - Jeff Henry - Mono-Wind

Holy *kweh* is Strongest Sword (from here on “SS”) insane in a list that can’t wiff. I played Gilgamesh turn one a proceeded to wipe three threats off the face of the Earth. With my forward pressure, free removal, and one more lucky Gilgamesh draw, I SS him a fourth time to swing in uncontested. Another 7-0 in 360 seconds puts us at 17 minutes of tournament play.

Record: 3-0

Round 4 - Jason Bjorgaard - Wind/Water

Bjorgaard was by far the hardest matchup to navigate all day. With such a complete mastery of his Rikku machine, had I not opened up with THREE hasties for three damage turn one I would’ve had no chance. My pressure eventually brought the game to a head when I played 4CP Lightning to dull his Fina and represent lethal with my two forwards. With only two cards in his hand, a single backup active, and 5 damage, things are looking grim for the old YRP‘s. I swing in for the 6th point of damage and he flips Thordan EX, searching Diabolos, taps the one backup and discards his had to ready Fina and backups. In Jason’s words: “Thordan was the only thing I could’ve hit.” He played an incredible game and proceeded to eek it back from my clutches. The game ended in a loss with Jason taking it from me 7 damage to 6. The most notable part of this game actually happened to be that it took a whopping 18 minutes! That’s more than the other three games of the day combined! Total play time: 35 minutes.

Record: 3-1

Round 5 - Richard Tanasichuk - Golbez

Another short and sweet match. At less than five minutes it was pretty far in my favor. I took it 7-1. Richard was a good sport and we played another match for fun with my Chocobos afterwards. Exodus, the Judge Sal-ad ended up killing seven birds and five 2CP forwards in one blow, but my chickens stabilized too quickly for Golbez to bring the game back. The second match with him was so much fun I almost dropped to keep the yellow train trucking. Total game time: 40 minutes.

Record: 4-1

Top 8 - Cole Sondreal - Mono-Wind

I ended up placing 2nd in swiss, and in Top 8 I was paired up against my roommate,  Cole Sondreal. It was a stroke of fortune as, being roommates and having my invite already, I had intended to block for him if we were matched up in any case. Playing my Mono-Wind list, he proceeded beat me (for realsies) 2-0, both games being a close 7-6 in his favor. We wanted to play the games out regardless of my plans to concede, just to see how the matchups would go.


WHAT A BLAST. Gilga-Rush was such a pleasure to pilot. Curtis DeGidio deserves every ounce of my gratitude for allowing me to run it for the event. This marks the 3rd of three LQ’s this season that I’ve topped, including my win in MN. With a sizable population of 17 people the tourney felt strong, though not quite as stiff as my experience at TTT in Minneapolis or Level Up Eagen. I would recommend picking up Gilga-Rush yourself if you like throwing punches and having plenty of time for bathroom breaks all tourney long.

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