MetaX TCGVideosArkham Inmates vs Starfire Tempo (MXOLT I Round 3) | MetaX on OCTGN Episode 12

Jordan SyversonSeptember 19, 2018

We are on to round 3 of Jordan’s MetaX OCTGN League Tournament Event Coverage! Watch through for the sweet MetaX TCG action featuring all-star cards from the latest release, Batman.

He plays his Arkham Inmates against Bryan “Kadjaft” Mardling’s tough Starfire Tempo deck that utilizes Justice League card Transfer of Power to control the board and craft powerful turns, along with a massive toolbox of Battle Cards searchable with Ultra Rare Mikasa Ackermann!

Build your own cool decks – search, sort, and view all the MetaX cards on Metaspoiler, the MetaX Visual Spoiler.

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