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Eric KutcheSeptember 7, 2018

Editors Note: While the benefits of focusing on a particular trait in deck building can be appealing, there are many strong decks that can be built “Potpourri”-style – mixing and matching cards with no regard to their Traits. That’s precisely how Eric Kutche’s “Speedforce” deck was built, and to great effect. In this deck report, Eric gives us a breakdown of the key components that make his deck tick, and helped him not only place in the Top 4 in the first MXOLT, but go entirely undefeated in the swiss rounds of the tournament!

I’ve called this deck Speedforce because of how fast it gets VP, and because I’m a Flash addict. This deck, as with all my decks, was made completely by me staring at OCTGN for hours until it’s finally in a place good enough to spend days debating the final card slot. I had no meta reference and barely had any games played when this deck was made. I don’t read the weekly deck techs or copy any online deck lists.

I’m a sucker for using my favorite characters despite what’s good or what the meta is. This deck was made the week before the event started, still weeks out from GenCon. I played a version of this deck at GenCon with some changes based on my first few online matches and didn’t top. In the MXOLT, I went undefeated in Swiss and I was the only loss for most of the players that made top 8. I lost in top 4 to Ricky’s Rogues Basics that I had beaten in swiss. His Rogues went on to win first place.

The objective of the deck is to get VPs that your opponent can’t stop. The main combo is Power Corrupts into 7 Special (R139-JL) for an unpreventable 2 VP. Other ways it accomplishes this is with Harley Quinn – Former Psychiatrist and with cards that set up attack situations where the opponent can’t block them all. The other main focus of the deck is draw power. As with most MetaX decks, the need to draw and cycle cards is huge. The deck accomplishes this with mainly with 2 Special (R128-JL) and 2 Intelligence (C38-JL) being searched out by Mikasa Ackermann – Battle Genius or Deathstroke – Expert Tactician.

My favorite part of the deck is the toolbox aspect. Since it has so much search, I can run some cards at one or two and choose what I need based on the situation. The 1 Special (R127-BM) that takes an opponent’s VP is a good example of this. Being able to search out a card that gives MP when you need it can win games.

I run Superman – Last Son of Krypton because it’s an aggressive deck and it’s great to be able to defend after attacking with multiple characters. He can also play the Special 7 for two VP and 1 Strength (C32-GL) for more draw power.

I run The Flash – Scarlet Speedster because he’s my favorite character and being able to play him into a 6 Special (S38-AT) or the draw Special 2 can make big plays.

I’ve made a lot of changes to this deck since GenCon and my top 4 loss in the MXOLT. Hopefully I’ll get to post about them in another top report! Thanks for reading!

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