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Dan GreenAugust 22, 2018

Growing the MetaX TCG is one of our primary goals at MetaManiacs, and one thing we’ve seen is players who are lacking the tools needed to get a regular MetaX group going.

As someone who has worked behind the counter at an (awesome) FLGS for nearly a decade, I’m a very strong believer in the power of at-the-counter advertising. Many FLGS’s are effectively modern nerd wonder emporiums, and the majority of customers love to let their eyes wander and peruse everything there, looking for the next hidden trinket they can collect.

To that end, if you are trying to get a group going at your local shop, it can be absolutely critical to have a nice looking poster presence that has the info your potential new players need to become interested and start attending local events. While Panini’s big launch kit posters look nice, they aren’t able to show off the crossover aspect of the game, and they have no actionable information on them – in other words, they don’t tell your potential player where to be, and when – so that potential player could easily be lost, having no clue when or even if there are events taking place!

Enter the 2018 MetaManiacs In-Store Advertising – now available at the links below, or in the new Other Resources section in the Resources tab above!

We’ve got 3 versions of this year’s poster – two sizes that are full bleed, best printed by your Friendly Local Print Shop, and one that is designed to be printed on your home or store printer. The artwork is used with permission for the purposes of advertising the game, and we’ve indicated that at the bottom as well, so you shouldn’t have any issues getting it printed.

Also, as mentioned, these are the 2018 versions – you can look forward to a new printable in-store advert becoming available in 2019 when a new universe has been added to the roster.

Please print these off and plaster your local stores with them – we hope they serve you well!

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