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MetaX players who were active when Green Lantern released should be well aware of the minor mishap in that set’s printing – one of the uncommons, the event In Blackest Night, was mistakenly replaced with a second copy of In Brightest Day
on the card sheet (a someone poignant, if frustrating, accident). Since then, Panini made good with a small promotion that allowed any player to fill out a short online form and receive 3x foil and 3x nonfoil copies of the card sent straight to their home. Since then, we’ve had the release of the Attack on Titan expansion, with Batman incoming shortly, so a lot of the fanfare at this curious Sinestro Corps support card was, unfortunately, lost to time.

It’s not fair, dang it, so today we are stepping back and building a deck around using In Blackest Night to its fullest potential. If you’ve got the stack of foils sitting around at home and have been pining for something to throw them in – this Deck Tech is for you! And while at first glance, it may seem a daunting task – after all, for just 1 more MP you could be playing the less restrictive, non-random, also-shows-you-their-hand Echolocation – with the upcoming release of Batman we actually have a good reason – scratch that, no less than 2 good reasons to use Echo’s maligned cousin: Batman – Bruce Wayne and Harley Quinn – Skilled Gymnast.

These two powerful anti-discard characters join Saint Walker and Jean Kirschtein, creating a wide variety of effects that totally shut down Discard decks, and we’ll capitalize on that by building – ta-da – The Non-Discard Discard Deck! In addition, we’ve got some great new additions from Batman that glue the deck together and build it into an archetype all of its own. Let’s check out the deck list!

Ruler of Combat

The star of the show in this deck hands down is Sinestro – Tyrant. While the deck does pack in 10 Sinestro Corps Characters to make sure you can consistently have one in play to allow you to play In Blackest Night, this is the guy you always want to see in your opening hand. As the deck runs exclusively rank 3 and lower Battle Cards for their utility, Sinestro turns each of them into a death threat – and the core synergy in this deck is attempting to attack in after using In Blackest Night or the new Frustration
to take the removed card as a VP, greatly limiting your opponent’s access to it. When you swing in with Sinestro, you force the issue, making your opponent have to choose between blocking him and losing a Character, or losing the card you just put on top as well as a VP.

Compounding that choice is 2 copies of Sinestro – Possessed, and while is effect is more situational, Batman has added a massive amount of Rank 5 Character support, so more often than ever he can further limit your opponent’s blocking options, and along with a correctly targeted Frustration or Teleportation, or the single copy of the final Sinestro – XR Sinestro – Master Tactician, you can play the opponent’s board into undefendable attacks.
Damage Control

One of the key additions to this deck is the new 3 Intelligence/Special from Batman. This free-to-play Battle Card gives your Sinestro – Tyrant protection as he charges into combat, further complicating your opponent’s predicament, because now they can’t even lay damage on or KO Sinestro if they choose to block him – and he’s still guaranteed to KO their their Defending Character. In a perfect setup, with both Sinestro – Tyrant and Sinestro – Possessed in play, and with the Tyrant attacking and targeting himself with this Multi 3, your opponent must either let the VP through, or, if they have one, defend with a rank 6 or 7 Character, losing it and doing no damage to your Sinestro in the process. In many scenarios, that’s going to result in you gaining a VP, possibly one curated by you earlier in the turn.

To ensure that you have access to both the 3 Multi and the classic Justice League 1 Multi, the deck plays 2 copies of Deathstroke – Expert Tactician, who also qualifies as a Rank 6 for Frustration. He can toolbox out literally any Battle Card in your deck, setting up your indestructible attacks or giving you card draw when you need it. To add to his toolbox potential, I’ve thrown in a clutch copy of the new 3 Intelligence from Batman to help you eek out a VP when the board is set up right. The deck also plays a single copy of Deadman – Agent of Rama Kushna, because while you never want to see him early game, in the mid or late game if you have a Sinestro – Possessed in play, he can return multiple Multis to your hand, letting you set up a chain of attacks with Multi 1 or keeping the game hard for your opponent with Multi 3. While it’s a bit less consistent than the rest of the deck, a copy of Diversity floats around the deck to help you set this play up, and otherwise XR Sinestro helps you shuffle your other Sinestros back in to keep the play live. And with Teleportation in the list, both of these Characters can be reused for huge advantage at the right time.

Keeping on theme, the Rank 7 slots include 3 copies of Parallax – Hal Jordan, who offers a constant mini version of the 3 Multi effect on himself. Against some decks (like the mirror match!), Parallax can never be hurt, and that allows you to safely push in with multiple Characters a turn, making sure strong on-hit Battle Cards like1 Intelligence (C41-GL) and the 1 Multi are that much less enticing to block, and allowing you to more safely utilize the potent card draw offered by 2 Special (R128-JL).

Disrupt and Dismantle

Bringing everything together, this destructive aggro package is augmented by the Sinestro Corps’ usual disruption tactics – with Lyssa Drak – Bookkeeper helping cover our Rank 6 base for Frustration and allowing you to slow down the opponent with MP drain. The combination of Lyssa’s drain, card denial from In Blackest Night, and board denial from Frustration and Teleportation can give you plenty of opportunity to let your attackers run wild as you trip up your opponent’s game plan. The fact that the deck is able to put together this level of disruption without resorting to tactics that are shut down by anti-discard effects makes this an intriguing choice if you predict a metagame that shifts to include those effects to help deal with discard oriented decks and ubiquitous cards like Joke’s On You.

However, that’s not to say this deck doesn’t have counters of its own – the power of Sinestro – Tyrant can be negated with characters like Solomon Grundy, Female Titan, or the new Batman – Prepared. In fact, a Bat Family deck can fight this deck multiple ways by also cutting off In Blackest Night and Frustration with Terry McGinnis – Batman of the Future.  Thankfully we have some in-deck methods of dealing with those Characters – Teleportation can pull either Terry or UR Bats off the field, and if only one or the other is down, Frustration can remove Bats and XR Sinestro can snipe away Terry. Still, a Bat Family deck will prove an uphill battle, but not one that isn’t worth fighting.
The Anti-Anti-Meta

While a deck like this might not be the first thing you reach for in a tournament, it’s a testament to the depth of card choice in MetaX that we were able to string together a deck that not only seems cohesive, but surprisingly potent from a seemingly sub-par event from two sets ago. And this is precisely the type of deck that can, with the right metagame prediction, go on to shine as a rogue deck choice that avoids the pitfall of playing the most powerful strategy that is being actively hated out in the environment.

And that’s not to say the deck isn’t without its own merit already – thanks to some of the new cards in Batman, Sinestro – Tyrant is more of a beast than ever, and there are a lot of decks that don’t have much of a response to the madman when he starts charging in turn after turn. That core component of the deck is rock solid, and the rest of it is just a few tweaks and personal flair picks away from being your own Anti-Anti-Meta deck of choice!

If you have any thoughts on this deck – tweaks, comments, suggestions – or anything else you’d like to see us look at or build around for a future Deck Tech, leave your thoughts down below, and we’ll see you next time on the Deck Tech!

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