VideosHow to Play MetaX TCG – Attack on Titan Starter Decks

The wall is breached and humanity fights for survival!

Eren, Levi, Mikasa and more join the MetaX Crossover TCG in the latest release – Attack on Titan. We’ll show you what’s inside the new 2 Player Starter Box and how to pick it up and start playing MetaX in less than 20 minutes!

MetaX is a crossover TCG with infinite possibilities. Attack on Titan collides with DC Comics releases Justice League and Green Lantern, with more to come in the future including Batman, and other exciting IPs for fans of anime, comics, and video games! Special thanks to Panini Games for providing the product used in this video!

Two Player Starter Box Contents

1x Rulebook

2x Fold out Playmats

1x “Scout Regiment” Deck

1x “Titans / Scout Regiment” Deck

20x Premium Parallel Foils (random)

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